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The Roadmap to Better Credit

Time to Pass Go:  How to Establish a Good Credit Score   Whether it’s finding a home for your growing family, financing your dream car, entering a career or even attempting to acquire a decent rate on car insurance, everything in our lives revolves around credit. No matter what you do, someone is going to […]

What’s Stopping You From Borrowing?

I Want To Buy, Now! Are you preparing to purchase a home in the next few months? It seems that when we are not looking, a home just pops up and finds us, at a time when we were not even contemplating making a move. Then, boom!  The rush is on to beat the clock […]

Fact or Fiction; A Look At Hard Inquiries

  Whether you are applying for a new credit card or a home loan, hard inquiries are constantly present when attempting to build credit. Although hard inquires are one of the most common items found on a credit report, there is still much mystery surrounding their effect on a credit score. In todays “Fact or […]

4 Ways To Not Break The Bank This Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it is time to start gathering some ideas on how we can really make the day special! It is no secret that everything is growing more expensive, and it is becoming increasingly difficulty to not break the bank when it comes to gift, but luckily Credit Law Center has […]