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5 Big Factors Facing New Graduates

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018!  Whether you are the first one in the family or have come from a long line of alumni, the stress and excitement of what comes next is no different.

First, relish in your accomplishments and celebrate! There is something to be said about your tenacity and drive to set and achieve a goal such as graduating from college. Once the excitement has died down, you can really nail down what that next step looks like. In order to prepare for future endeavors, it is vital to break down what success looks like for you! Here’s a list of 5 things you may have to deal with as you transition from college life, into adulthood.

Your First Big Kid Job

Are you looking for a fun culture? The highest pay? Something that allows you to work from home? Making a mental note of what kind of job you are searching for may be the best place to begin. If you walk into a job interview and you dislike everything but the pay is great, are you willing to take it? You may not know exactly what you are looking for, until you walk right into it. Go through a few interviews and ask questions. Learn more about the company before you make a decision.

Maybe you majored in something that you know you may not want for a career (sorry mom and dad). That is okay too! On average, a person will switch careers four or five times over the span of their life. Just because you have the degree doesn’t mean you are tied to it for good.

Furthering your education

In some instances, graduate school and beyond is a great path to follow. If you have your heart set on furthering your education, job hunting may not be something you are pursuing yet. Many jobs now require both work experience and a degree. Weigh the options of taking a few years off of school when you have a better idea of what you want to do, or that solidifies the field and path you want to follow and then head back. In the mean time you may find your dream job, or save money for the program you want to enroll in.

Good things come to those that wait.

Let’s Be Roommates (Again)

Where are you planning to live post-graduation? The freedom you have had for the last several years may come to an abrupt halt if you move back home but the pros may outweigh the cons! Did you enjoy having roommates that sometimes couldn’t pay rent or left dishes in the sink? There are some definite advantages of living at home such as home cooked meals, utilities paid for and possibly free rent which all sound great! Again, evaluating what is most important to you will cut down the headache of figuring everything out all at once. What are your goals and aspirations? If you have buckled down and found a job and have some friends moving to the same area as you, maybe renting is your best choice. Did you want to save more? Moving back home again may be a wise choice for you for now.

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Hit the Road

Before you take off to chase your dreams, you’ll need to check a few things off your list.

First-Changing your address and having your mail forwarded is important. Your credit card company, student loan provider and any other subscriptions you have you’ll want to follow you where you go.

Second- If you are moving to an unfamiliar area, you’ll probably want to do your research on your surroundings. Are you going to have a vehicle? Are there places within walking distance if you do not? Check out the local transportation, grocery store, mall movies, church, gas stations, etc.

Third- Check out the local community engagement activities! Hop on Facebook and find the local community center or parks and recreation and find a group or club activity to get involved in.

Final- Start thinking about your budget. Check out the cost of living in your area (prior to moving) and start to prioritize and take into account all the outstanding bills you have that are a must.

Save or Spend

Retirement may seem way far off but saving for things that may come short term are important too. At some point you may want to purchase a car or a home. Talk to your employer about their investment and retirement options. Do they have a 401K?

Nothing good ever came to people making quick, drastic decisions. Think everything through and go with your gut (and some of the advice your parents left you too). A round of applause for your current success and good luck in your future endeavors! This is the beginning of anything you want.




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Article by Breana Washington

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