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Record Breaking Credit Scores For 2019 and the Average Credit Score By Generation.

We Broke the Record!

In 2019 the average credit score was recorded as being a 703 among Americans and it’s time to get excited! We have broken our record with an average increase of 25 points since 2012 and with the right credit knowledge and repair options, we are sure to continue our climb!

A good credit score is classified by having a score between 670 to 739 and is necessary for achieving the best rate on a mortgage, the best lenders for vehicle financing and to get some amazing rates/ benefits on credit cards!


FICO and You

Thought credit score ranges are based on the scoring model used and the credit bureau that pulls your score, lenders prefer Fico scores when making their lending decisions.


Check where you fall in the FICO score ranges!

Excellent- 800 to 850

Very Good- 740 to 799

Good- 670 to 739

Fair- 580 to 669

Poor- 300 to 579


Fun Facts Through the Generations

-Millennials are leading the charge with an average increase of 25 points in their Fico since 2012!

-The reason why most older generations have a higher credit score is due to long credit history and multiple positive trade lines.

-The Silent Generation (74+) still holds the highest average FICO score of 756!

-Generation Z (18-22) holds the lowest average FICO score of 677!




Do you have questions about your credit report? If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys or credit advisors  and complete a free consultation please give us a call at 1-800-994-3070 we would be happy to help.

If you are hoping to dispute and work on your credit report on your own, here is a link that provides you with a few ideas on how to go about DIY Credit Repair.


Average credit scores by generation