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Chad Jump

Chad Jump

Performance Manager and Media Relations





Chad Jump

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Chad Jump - Kansas City, Missouri

Chad Jump is Director of Performance Management & Media Relations at both Credit Law Center and Credit Protection USA.

His role is Project Management, Software Development, monitor and analyze dealer dealership performance to determine expectations, goals and objectives in order to achieve results. Chad also provides dealership training for client enrollment, maintaining and building dealer relations.

He is a father of 3 (Peyton, Katlyn & Thomas) and currently resides in South Kansas City Missouri.

Chad has been in the automotive industry his entire life. He started off as a salesperson at  Extreme Ford store in Kansas City Missouri in 1997. He has worked at automotive stores as a salesperson and manager in Monroe Louisiana to Belton Missouri. He came to Credit Law Center / Credit Protection USA from an automotive software company based in Kansas City called VinSolutions.  He worked at Vinsolutions 7 years as a Performance Manager, building and maintaining relationships with automotive dealers in Chicago Illinois and also other areas such as Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. Chad has a team of Credit Advisors that help clients' with credit repair, rent reporting, debt consolidation and stopping creditors from calling. Credit Law Center, separates ourselves from the competition by only charging when we get derogatory items deleted. Credit Law Center makes credit repair quick and affordable, with the proof right on your credit report possibly within 32 days. We have partnered with automotive & motorcycle dealerships across the country to help their credit denied customers get approved for the car or motorcycle of their dreams. Real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and bankers across the country view us as a key asset for turning their denials into approvals. Our goal is the same as theirs; get their clients’ credit fixed as fast as possible.

We aren’t just a credit repair company, we are a law firm that fights for consumers’ rights. When other companies find violations on your report the most they can do is dispute it and hope it’s fixed. Our attorneys are eager to find violations on our clients’ reports and actually do something about it, resulting in the violation getting corrected and money in our clients’ pockets.
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