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Hi. I am a lender. This is Kim and Kara with credit Law Center. We're looking forward to visiting your conference next week. Come by our table and see us and get some credit tips and we'll be sure to share some great information with you guys. Thanks so much. Look forward to seeing you. Bye now. Bye.

Hi this is Jacqueline at current law center. Hey I just wanted to come on and wish you guys a happy February and happy Valentine's Day. We are going to be having two webinars coming up one on February the 19th and also one on March the 19th and those will both be at noon. I just want to thank you again for referring your clients over to us. We appreciate it and we'll talk to you soon. Thanks.

It started off as something throughout the year we see families that need a second chance and they can use a little bit of help. And this year we were fortunate in a position where we decided to go and donate and adopt six families. CLC is going to adopt six different families. But you all get to choose what families those are. And then you guys get to go spend the money. Go get the stuff you'll get the food make the meal I need you to deliver.

Really. Thank you. Instead of to have you guys do this. This is just awesome. It was it is humbling to watch everybody get so involved. And. To know. That they were actually taking it to heart. It wasn't a charity. And. This was. This was. Somebodies. Chris Smith. And we wanted to make sure that it was. Perfect. And. I think.

Well over 100 people it kind of blew not out of control that blew up in a good way. What started out as something that we just wanted to do to help some people really and everyone up and and helping a lot of people.

We were very very happy to be there.

I was in tears. Other ones were tears too because of the great promise that these torso so awesome to have lost to brain. I think credit loans here earlier in this year to do this.

This was an awesome awesome time and I hope everyone that we start having some very.

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Bo Thomas and Tom that with Credit Law Center and we're gonna be announcing a pretty neat event your credit license credit Law Center cares and you're going to tell us a little bit about what we've get along.

Yeah. Our family here credit loss center is actually going to help six needy families to get through the holidays or with the holidays. Christmas we're going to have some deadlines on that but there's a Jack form below. You fill out you can nominate yourself or someone you know there's a need or need some help with Christmas. Help our families choose some needy families.

And today and you kind of gotta hurry a little bit. We have December 1st is the cutoff date. So if you're someone you know or someone through an organization that you want to help with. So we're really limited and only choosing six families but it doesn't matter how big those families are. So by December 1st felt the job forum get it sent and it will make the selections by December 8. So we should have everything ready to go by Christmas obviously.

Absolutely. The jump from below. Help us help some people this holiday season.

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