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Question: How much does a credit repair process really cost?

Well, it's simple. Each report is a little bit different but our credit advisors go over all three credit reports with each consumer and give them an estimated cost. If we're successful, we only charge for the items that we get deleted and when we get them deleted. If we get a collection, charge off, repossession or a public record deleted, that will cost sixty-five dollars. If there's a bankruptcy foreclosure or short sale, that's one hundred and twenty dollars, and that's per Bureau. The only other costs associated with our company is going to be a ninety-five dollar admin fee during the credit repair process. Because we are not a lender, we require a monitoring service to access and update your report. These credit monitoring services usually charge a dollar for the first seven days and about twenty dollars or less per month. Consumers can cancel the monitoring just as soon as they're done with the repair process if they choose.

Our credit repair process is very simple and very fast. Our goal is quick and affordable credit repair. We have payment plans that we can put together for clients and we can fit just about anyone's budget.

Question How long does a credit repair process really take?

A short term client for Credit Law Center is 45 days, a long term client is 120 days. If a client went through our process and followed all of our instructions, then we'll have done everything that we can do for them. After 120 days, the credit repair process can sometimes take longer if there's debt negotiation needed or the client needs to establish credit.


Remember 45 days for a short term client 120 days for a long term client. Our process is built for speed, and we only charge for the items that we get deleted when we get them deleted. We're the fastest credit repair company you'll ever find


Question: At what point do we stop credit repair?


Our process is pretty simple. The credit repair process at Credit Law Center is only four steps, but at any time in those four steps, if the client reaches their goal of optimum credit score or unable to move forward with the repair they were trying to do, we will stop.  If we work through all four steps in our process, and the client has still yet to score high enough to reach their goal, we'll continue to educate them on the things that they can do themselves to continue to improve their credit, such as establish and maintain positive credit. But at any point time in the process, they reach those goals we can stop. Our job is to get clients back to you able to buy. And we're going to be successful when we can get them back to you as soon as possible.

Do we send your clients back to you?

Yes, this is our end goal. This is how we view success. Your referrals we feel are, a true partnership with us. So each step of our process, you're going to be notified of the success that we have completed and just as soon as they're ready to buy, we get them back to you as soon as possible. We know that you're spending time to refer these clients to us, so our job is to get them ready to get financed or whatever their goals are, back to you to close more transactions. If we do this together we're both going to be successful.

Jason Etters with Flat Branch Home Loans Testimony

Jason Etters of Flat Branch Home Loans shares his testimony on why he uses Credit Law Center to close more loans.

Vice president of the Kansas City Credit Union Kurt Kabula joins Bo Thomas of Credit Law Center

Vice president of the Kansas City Credit Union Kurt Kabula joins Bo Thomas of Credit Law Center to discuss why he uses Credit Law Center and why their credit repair process works for not only his clients but his team members.

Kansas City Credit Union was founded in 1940 by the city employees of Kansas City, and today, they have three branches in the Kansas City metro area to service those that live work and worship in Clay County or Jackson County. Credit Law Center is a law firm located in Lee’s Summit.  Credit Law Center has been helping consumers since 2011 to improve their credit scores. Credit Law Centers' motto is “better credit better life.” Simply put we know that by helping and educating consumers improve their buying power, they're going to be in a better place. We use the law as leverage and we find with mistakes on credit reports to gain deletions. In this videi Kurt Kabuka and Bo Thomas talk about a lot of different things that maybe can help some of your clients and really talk about some of the needs of your clients.

Patrick Doyal of Cornerstone Mortgage – Imperial, Missouri Testimonial why Credit Law Center works for him and his clients

Before being a loan originator, Patrick Doyal was playing baseball. Right after college Patrick got drafted by the Reds and played up to when he got released in spring training of 2014. He then went and did a year of baseball in Kansas City with the T Bones. Patricks mom has been in in the mortgage Industry for sometime, until she retired in October.  On Halloween of 2018 was her forty five year anniversary. She brought Patrick to Cornerstone Mortgage during the off season and said “Hey you want to give it a shot?” Patrick is a very competitive person and he didn't realize how competitive the mortgage lending industry was until he sat and watched other loan originators at Cornerstone Mortgage.  Patrick was looking at these people and what they're doing and thought to himself that this is awesome.

 T.J. Donovan Business Banking Officer at Bank Midwest Kansas City -Testimonial

T.J. Donovan, is a business banking officer for Bank Midwest in Kansas City. T.J was introduced to Credit Law Center about two and a half years ago, through a group of their business development team that came in and gave a presentation on what they can do for our clients and how their process works. Our managers were completely blown away by the professionalism in their presentation, their results and upfront pricing model. T.J had the opportunity to work on his first client because he had some credit challenges. Fixing those credit challenges fairly quickly, the loan that we were able to do for him was able to save his business about forty-five hundred dollars a month and for a small business that is a huge amount of savings. If it wasn't for Credit Law Center, T.J. knows that he wouldn't have been able to help that client. The client was also extremely grateful and happy with Credit Law Centers Services.

 Lisa Bright with Red Rock Mortgage  - Testimonial about Credit Law Center

Lisa Bright with Red Rock Mortgage first learned about Credit Law Center when Shelly Rex came to her office for a presentation. There were several things that got her attention to their services. One was that they have attorneys on staff that can help to take care of the tougher situations. Their attorneys know what the consumer's rights are and how to make sure they are enforced and assure that their clients are being treated fairly. The other thing that caught my attention was the fact that the customer is not charged for items that are not able to be removed. This is unheard of in the credit repair industry. Typically the client is set up on a payment plan and continues to pay until they get tired of paying. I have sent several of my borrowers over to Credit Law Center and they have all been very happy. I have one borrower in particular that in 30 days, their credit score went up over 100 points. They were excited because their dream of owning a home seems just a dream. Because of Credit Law Center, they are going to see that dream become a reality. I refer all of my borrowers that are credit challenged over to Credit Law Center because I know they will be treated fairly and with respect.

Roye Dillon Owner of Prestige One Landscaping Company Testimonial - Credit Law Center

Roye Dillon owns Prestige One Landscaping, his wife and him started working with Credit Law Center about four to five years ago as a result of the downturn of the economy between 2008 and 2009. His credit owning most of his business took a very large hit and they were trying to refinance their house and couldn’t. So they started working with the Credit Law Center to get their credit scores up on their credit report so they could refinance their house. After about six weeks, they get their credit scores back up to a six hundred FICO score, and then within about four to six months, their score was up to a FICO score over seven hundred.

Together they were able to refinance their house and as a result of that, in December of last year, they were able to pay their house off. Now they are debt-free and a large part of that was due to Credit Law Center and how they help us in getting their credit repaired, but also some of the tips and pointers they gave us and be able to get that debt taken care of. So it sounds like Roye really appreciates working with Credit Law Center.

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