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Your Credit Score is More Than Just a Number

So what does your credit score really mean? 

Your credit score is a number that is used by banks and landlords as a way of determining whether it’s a good idea to give an individual a loan, or an apartment lease.  Like tweets and other social media post, credit scores are also being used by some employers to help them figure out if you are a good fit for their company.

It is also being used by insurers that set premium rates based partially on the scores. Auto insurance companies began using the scores in the mid-1990s, and it’s now commonplace for them to help determine rates.

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What a credit score doesn’t reflect is that bad things can happen to good people. An individual could get laid off from work, go through a nasty divorce, have a child get sick and rack up several doctor bills that they either can’t pay or put on a payment program in an attempt to keep it off their credit.

This is where Credit Law Center comes in. Now we can’t keep you from hitting the submit button on a tweet or facebook post, but we can help you in resolving some of those bad things that happened in your past.  As mentioned in the examples above, investing in attorney based credit repair can literally impact your life in more ways than just getting a loan. It can affect yourself and your family in many ways.

Attorney based credit repair doesn’t have to break the bank and put you even further in debt. Staying away from monthly credit repair only services, who charge a monthly fee and only go after results on one bureau a month and one item a month in order to drag out the repair process, will get you heading in the right direction.  Credit Law Center’s motto –“You Don’t Pay Until It Goes Away,” is exactly what kind of credit repair company you need to look for.  You literally don’t pay unless the item is deleted and there is no long term commitment.

For more information please provide some limited information here and one of our attorney based credit analyst will reach out to you.

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