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Don’t Get Discouraged! The Approval Process Is Never Easy.

Loan Approval Process

The buying process can sometimes feel like a nightmare or like getting a tooth pulled. The headaches of getting proof of residency, proof of identification, proof of income and justifying your past and why your credit score is the way it is can be more stress than one can handle. Unfortunately this is the standard in getting almost any line of credit. With the lending institutions clamping down on regulations and attempting to clarify what is a good loan and what is a bad loan, potential consumers find themselves dealing with unexpected stress more than ever.

If you are currently or have been in the process of purchasing a house, vehicle, or applying for any form of credit, then I am certain you can attest to what we are saying. Credit Law Center has assisted customers of loan officers, realtors, and automotive dealerships across the country with getting their customers the approval they are looking for.

With our “You Don’t Pay Until It Goes Away” moto, Credit Law Center has set the new expectation on what credit repair should be. There are several credit repair companies out there that realtors, loan officers and automotive industries have used in the past to try and get their clients approved. The problem with monthly credit repair companies is you don’t get results quickly and more than likely have gotten discouraged and moved on. Plus another common issue is that paying their monthly fee has now put yourself further in debt. Those 2 reasons alone are why nobody should consider a monthly credit repair program. Not to mention they drag the process out as long as they can in order to keep taking your money.

Attempting to get a high FICO score is not always necessary. Usually a 640 FICO score or above will get you the mortgage or refinance you are looking for. In August of 2016 a report from Sallie Mae showed that 53.9% of approved mortgage loans were between 600-749 FICO scores. As mentioned earlier, proof of residency, proof of identification, and proof of income were also part of the equation.

Automotive lending is almost the polar opposite; we have seen customers with mid 400 FICO scores get approved with little help. The problem is the outrageous interest rate they have to pay to get the loan.

Whether it be opening a recommend trade line like the Down2Shop card to start building your credit, or getting derogatory items removed from your credit like repossessions, bankruptcies, judgements or collections, Credit Law Center can make the lending experience less stressful by getting you credit ready. It may only take a few things in order to get you approved for the vehicle or home you need and deserve. Once again, you’re not paying a monthly fee in order to get this done. You literally “Don’t Pay Unless It Goes Away,” and you get results quickly.

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