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Ease and E-Commerce│The Pros & Cons of Online Spending

How Would You Like To Communicate?

We took a recent survey on our Facebook page asking how users would like to be contacted; via phone call or text/email conversation. The results were not surprising! More than 90% of users voted text and emails. There seems to be a wave of change happening in the way our every day consumer takes in information.

Are you watching the news or your news feed for most recent events? Are your daily interactions on a device or a face to face debate?

If you are with the 90% of consumers that would rather communicate with no real human interaction, does this also apply to the way you purchase goods and services now too?

E-Commerce and E-Tail (Not Retail)

Apparently, it does!

The trend continues when you look at companies that are now converting their grocery shopping to an online platform. Their consumers are taking a side that “we are too busy” to go in the store anymore or that they no longer want to deal with lines, people and the inconvenience it adds to their day.
So what did these companies do? They gave consumers what they wanted; convenience.
As a whole, business owners are recognizing they need to shift their focus (and their marketing) to the digital platforms.

The Pros Of The “New Consumer”

Are there some products you are okay with buying online as opposed to others? Science says that for some people, purchasing an unfamiliar product they feel is more comfortable to buy in person. Have you gone to the store to try a new product, only to return it again a few days later? This proves the point that we will continue to buy familiar products over and over again. For those that do quite a bit of shopping online, they most likely stick to the same brands and services they have come to know and trust because they know the likelihood of having to return it is slim. That among the convenience of buying online makes the e-commerce option seem more appealing.

For Businesses, the pros are as follows:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Brand Recognition
  • Repeat Customers
  • Customer Reviews/Satisfaction

Many of these pros play a very important role in the customer experience! For an online consumer, there is no long lines, and annoying check out attendant, just a basket of items to add and one click to check out. If the user experience is quick, easy and a great product, you better believe they will share it with all their friends (Facebook “friends” too).

The Cons on “Over Consuming”

While there are many reasons why the customer experience and the instant gratification with online shopping seems great, there are a few cons to the way we are making these transactions. While shopping in a store, there are several emotions that play into the purchase or “put back” of an item. Does this seem practical? Do I need it? What is my budget like?

You may feel you are getting great deals or that “time is money” but you may be overspending when it comes down to it. The same way that these businesses have marketed to you to show you that their way is better, are the same tactics they use to market more products and a need for more “stuff” that they have.


free credit repair consultation

You may find that you are spending more money due to:

  • High credit card balances (trying to make more payments to pay them off)
  • Cost of shipping products
  • New Products daily in your email/phone that you buy because you “want” them

There is an overwhelming amount of consumers in debt. The fact is, we sometimes we consume to many products and services without even recognizing it. Have you been there before?

Your Finances

If you are finding that you are falling behind on payments, have credit cards climbing in debt and have collection companies calling you daily, you may be in need of help. Credit Law Center is a law firm that specializes in credit repair. There are credit advisors ready to help you cut back and buckle down on your finances again. Whether you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy or are struggling to figure out the best option to pay a creditor back, they want speak with you so you can get back on track. Whether you want to talk via text, email or by phone, they can tailor to your needs.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are. Take the next step to better credit and a better life.


Do you have questions about your credit report? If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys or credit advisors  and complete a free consultation please give us a call at 1-800-994-3070 we would be happy to help.


A Note From The Author: The opinions you read here come from our editorial team. Our content is accurate to the best of our knowledge when we initially post it.

Article by Breana Washington

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