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When To Make These 6 Big Purchases!


Timing really is everything! Who knew making large purchases had a “right time” too? If you tend to be organized and can set aside and plan out when your big purchases will be made, this guide is for you. For most, appliances and must-haves tend to give out at the most inconvenient times. In an effort to maintain the trend,  start planning ahead! With all of this in mind, here are the top 6 best times for major purchases that may make an appearance in your future:

1.Mattress Sales-Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day
The three day weekends have been a huge hit for mattress sales! In an effort to attract customers with a lot of time on their hands, many stores go out of their way to advertise for huge blow out sales on mattresses. Good rule of thumb is to replace your mattress every 5-10 years. Are you due for a replacement? There are only a few short weeks left before Memorial Day!

2. New Pool-Fall
Although you may not want to wait until Fall, it will end up being a great saving for you in the long run. By no means are home pools cheap but getting one built late in the season has the potential to really cut cost. Contracting builders during the end of the busy season and summer months can be a huge savings. Materials are cheaper and discounted prices and sales start. Peak season on pools means the cost of labor is high. Plan ahead and spend the final months of summer planning your dream oasis. You’ll be glad you did!

3. Major Appliances-May, September, October
Home ownership means getting excited about deals like when refrigerators go on sale! May is ideal for those new refrigerators. Apparently, Mother’s Day is a big day for large appliances although I doubt that is what she really wants as her gift. Other large appliances like washers, dryers, and dishwashers are marked down September-October. Old appliances on the floor will be marked down during those months to make room for new models on the show room floors.

4. Furniture Deals-January
In an effort to turn a new home into the home of your dreams, furniture pieces are a must. Many outlets will lower their prices by up to 50% on the original prices of the pieces. In an effort to make room for new products again in February for new furniture they will host New Year deals and close out sales. This is a great time to take advantage of the big-ticket items you may have had on your wish list.

5. Engagement Rings-Summer
It may seem that social media tends to be blown up with weddings and engagements during the summer months. And rightfully so! To maintain the movement of rings through the stores, many jewelers lower the prices through the summer months and into August. Rings are especially expensive around peak holiday seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. If you’re significant other is expecting a fancy stone, you may want to do research and plan accordingly. Your wallet and soon-to-be spouse will thank you!

6. Plane Tickets-Early December, Late January, Early February
The only way to catch most of these deals is planning and patience. For plane tickets, the best time to travel is to prepare and plan for “dead times” when crowds are small, and season is slow. A few weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a great time for travel. Many families plan and spend more than necessary in an effort to travel to see family for the Holiday’s. If you can, plan your trips before the actual holiday falls. In the end, the hectic traveling and sometimes delays may not even be worth the stress and cost when it is all said and done.

We are all about educating our consumers and saving them money! We hope these few tips will help you when you are thinking about making your next big purchase this year.



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Article by Breana Washington

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