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The attorneys at Credit Law Center fight for consumers rights.

The FTC reports that over 70 percent of American consumers have mistakes on their credit reports.

Our firm assists consumers in disputing questionable information on their credit reports and demands that the accounts be deleted if they are not 100% accurate. Consumers are protected by the (Fair Credit Reporting Act).  We find FCRA violations and use them as leverage to get the items deleted. With over 13 years of litigating consumers rights cases we have perfected the dispute process and documenting violations. The best part of all is that there are never any upfront fees and you only pay for the deletion or corrections of an account!

Our Process is Simple…

Our process is simple. After we dispute questionable items on your credit report the Credit Reporting Agencies (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) have 30 days to notify you of the status of your disputes and up to 45 days to complete their investigation. Once that investigation is complete they will mail you the results. The CRA’s (credit reporting agencies) only have three options when responding; they can delete, verify or update the information.

If they delete…

If they delete the information or account, fantastic! That is what we are after. Most consumers don’t realize that once a negative item is deleted it has an immediate impact on their score. Credit scores don’t change daily or hourly, a credit score is only generated when it is requested and is calculated based on the information that is on file at that time. For example; on Monday derogatory information is reporting on your credit report. On Tuesday, derogatory information is deleted. When you order a new credit report it is as if the derogatory information was never reported. Your score is based only on the information on file at the time you order your report.

If they verify…

One the information is verified it’s usually the end for most credit repair companies, but it’s where the most powerful part of Credit Law Center’s process begins. When the creditor or collector “verifies” the questionable information our attorneys send a debt validation demand. A debt validation demand is a legal document that contains 6-9 questions depending on what type of an account is in question. The creditor or collector typically responds in one of two ways:
->First they see that the account was just disputed the previous month and now they are being contacted by a law firm. They know they can’t verify the account or that they are misreporting it, so they delete the account.
->Second they choose to answer the 6-9 questions. When they answer the debt validation demand our paralegals compare the creditor or collectors answer to the investigation response from the first dispute. When we compare the answer to the investigation results we typically find discrepancies or incomplete information. The incomplete information or discrepancy is usually a violation of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) or the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Act).
Our firm uses this information as leverage to request a deletion. This is the most common result. If this leverage does not work the file is moved to one of our attorneys which will decide whether to move forward with a lawsuit or further negotiations.

If they update…

If they update the information this means they were reporting incomplete or inaccurate information. This is not a violation as the creditors or collectors reporting information can not violate the FCRA unless the account information is disputed. This is very important and why properly disputing and documenting the dispute process is so vital to the credit repair process.

The third and final step after we have challenged the questionable information and the creditor or collector has validated the information we will negotiate as settlement for deletion. This means you agree to pay the account as long as the creditor or collector is willing to delete the account information from your credit report. Usually this can be accomplished for less than the full amount of the account balance.

How Much Will it Cost?

What’s the cost to repair my credit?

It’s simple, “You don’t pay unless it goes away”.  We only charge when we get an account deleted or corrected. Most companies doing credit repair charge upfront fees, monthly fees or flat fees whether they are successful or not. At Credit Law Center you will only be charged if we get the questionable information corrected or deleted. We charge per account we get corrected or deleted and only after we have documented the deletion.

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