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Hello. Today we discuss credit loss and his quick easy and affordable attorney based credit repair process. The first step to this process you simply contact us and together we review your three Bureau report and devise a strategy to maximize your credit profile. And second after reviewing your report. If you continue to move forward you simply sign a representation agreement and let us go to work. Our team will use the power of the law to improve your scores in a quick and affordable way. After the agreement is signed give us about 30 to 45 days to review your important deletions and track the improvements of your scores.

A representative will reach out to you and review your results. Pursuant to our contract you only pay for the success achieved. If your goal has been met and you've got those scores that you wanted. You are finished. If not we can continue to move forward and pursue all avenues under the law to increase your score. As always you only pay for the items that are successfully corrected or deleted from your credit report. If you've continued to move forward in the process we'll continue to go after late page bankruptcy civil judgments collections repos charge offs foreclosures or any other thing that you may have on your credit.

An accurate unverifiable items on your report have been deleted and your scores have improved. Your credit has been improved in a quick and affordable way. We've hopefully been able to answer some of your questions but if not feel free to contact credit loss center at 1 800 9 9 4 and 3 0 7 0 or visit w w w credit law center dot com.

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Hello. Today we're going to talk about credit Law Center's attorney based credit repair and just five easy steps. Step one Paul is to speak with a credit adviser. Together we will review your three Bureau of credit report and devise a strategy to maximize your credit profile. Step to sign their representation agreement and let us go to work.

Our team will use the power of the law to improve your score in a quick and affordable way. Step three after 30 to 45 days We'll review your report for deletions and tracking improvements in your scores. A representative will reach out to you and review your results. Pursuant to our contract you only pay for the success achieved. Step 4 if your goal has been met you're finished.

If your goal has not been met we will continue to pursue all avenues available under the law to increase your score. As always you only pay for items that are successfully corrected or deleted from your credit report. And step five and accurate none of verifiable items on your report have been deleted and your scores even prove your credit has been approved in a quick and affordable way.

We hope this answers some of your questions. If not feel free to contact us at 1 800 9 9 4 3 0 7 0 or visit us at w w w dot credit law center dot com.

free credit repair consultation

How much does greater repair really cost. Each credit reports different when our credit advisors will audit that report and we'll give every client an estimated cost before we begin. Our fees are sixty five dollars for questions charge offs and repossessions. Bankruptcies foreclosures and short sales are 120. And we have a ninety five dollar admit. But remember none of these fees are charged unless we get items deleted

. Only other fee our clients will incur as the cost of credit monitoring while using our services monitoring their credit report is a key factor in this success.

It's only a dollar for the first seven days and less than 20 dollars a month. Moving forward. Our goal is quick and affordable credit repair and we can work with almost anyone's budget.

free credit repair consultation

What we do is we actually help consumers improve their buying power by challenging the negative and inaccurate information on their credit report. We use that and in our process when we find mistakes we use those mistakes as leverage to gain the deletions of settlement of those counts for those consumers. The main thing that separates credit loss enter from any other credit repair company is we actually are a law firm and we use the law to help assist the consumers in the credit repair process.

So never worked with anybody that charges an upfront fee or as a monthly membership. I only worked with companies that are actually going to charge you if they get the items fixed and when they get it fixed and that's what separates us from most all credit repair companies here at current law center we truly believe we're only as good as the people we hire.

We've got an awesome team that's always growing with us and the people that we're looking forward to join our team are actually someone that can help consumers and enjoy that each and every day of helping consumers change their lives in regards to their credit report. If you've been turned down for financing Contact us today. We can help.

We're the people you need to talk to. We help people like you. Each and every day Our company motto is helping improve people's buying power and you don't pay unless it goes away.

free credit repair consultation

Well I want to thank everybody for for tuning in today. And it's a pretty exciting stuff. We had a lot of people ask about kind of where we are and where we came from but but in all actuality Colonel off center was founded in 2009. I always tell the story that I'm a recovering mortgage banker and really that's where we're where we developed the business from as I started to see a lot of good people not get loans and not get approved that you know months or years prior to that we're getting approved. And it really was based on the credit score.

I really enjoyed you in mortgages and I had some pretty good success there. But each and every year is just more and more and more of a common sense of lending just kept getting extracted and it used to be based on how much money you made and how you paid your bills and whether you're going to get approved and manifested or rolled itself into. Now what's your credit score before you can really make a decision. And that's where we really started to see a need for what we do and some of the same basic tools I used as a loan officer we still use every day in what we do now is just helping improve somebody's credit profile so they can't get a mortgage. That's really kind of more into the why am what we do and why we do it so.

So I know that of course we're trying based. And that's really what sets us apart. So at what point did you realize the attorneys had to become involved in order for this to be successful.

Oh that was a really long drawn out decision. It took about 90 days. There I got into it and we started to do this and the same tools I did a lot of the same work when I was just a loan officer and just really gave it to the clients and really you started to see more and more of a need. And when you get in and you start to dig through someone's credit file and their profile and you start to see mistakes and you ask people to fix those mistakes and they just don't. What do you do. Well as a consumer there's no easy button to push. There's no where do you go. You've got involved an attorney. So really I say jokingly but really was about 90 days in Slough and 90 days of doing this and starting this company and I realize that you're going to you can't do anything different that a consumer can do with a little bit of research on the Internet. So I reached out to a friend of mine about 10 15 years which was an attorney and showed him what we were doing and what to look like. His name's Tom Adelman he's our principal counsel and and my partner and we said hey well let's go get these guys that are making mistakes. And he was all about it. So here we are.

Wonderful. So I know since joining the company and speaking about two different people who we are and how we've grown they're pretty amazing right now and the employees are actually here and what that looks like. We really have quite a team here. Yeah. Operations are different things. Can you talk a little about the structure and the process. Oh awesome yeah.

It's pretty exciting stuff. We've had a lot of growth each and every year. We've increased about 37 percent each and every year since 2009 which that now gets us just a little over 60 so 61 employees. We've got four attorneys here in the office that have more than they can really do.

But yeah so. So a lot of growth each and every year and that's really kind of our goals. Our goal this year which we're currently on pace to do is to help over 7000 consumers improve their buying power which really is our core mission as a company is to help consumers improve their buying power. So whether you can or can't get approved but even if you are to improve the situation to where you get a better rate get the best rate.

So if I may qualify right now that maybe they have a few months and want to just try to maximize that score. Yeah. That's a good essay.

Yeah absolutely. That's one thing that we pushed to consumers now is that most people think that hey I only need credit repair if I can't get approved and they don't realize that hey most everybody gets approved there and there are some people that need some need some help but the really important client out there for us is that person to understand that hey you are proof. But I mean think about how much money you could save if your score was 60 80 points higher. Wow. And you can really help those people too.

Yeah 1 percent can make a huge difference out of it. Yes.

You know that firsthand. Just so going further. Is there anything additional that you would like for consumers to know right now. Visions are things to expect in the future.

Yes. Oh really the main thing is is I like to talk about. It's good for our industry because everybody's so inundated with information about credit scores and it's becoming more and more relevant it impacts all aspects of consumers lives. And they're really starting to hear and understand that it really embrace that because they're not going to go away. These scores are being used in decisions based on insurance employments the amount of interest you do or don't pay if whether you are or aren't approved. So embrace it. Find out more information help educate yourself about it. I used to always say that there was no class they don't teach you about credit scores. After speaking at several colleges and high schools I realized they're kind of the class now where we're leading the charge on that too. But you embrace it credit scores aren't going to go away. They're keeping track. It's a game they're keeping score. Let's let's figure out the rules and really help educate consumers on that. We give that information away for free. So if you're not sure you don't know exactly what your score is it. Go get it checked out. Give us a call. We'll give you a free audit. Go through your report with your line by line and help you understand it more.

Well I just gave him the clearance this week. We're going to do some fun trivia. Oh yeah and some giveaways once a week so stay tuned for that. We're going to give away free credit repair. And personally I would give away free looks. You're welcome to call us anytime that we'll be happy to review that for you. But keep on the Facebook and I think we're going to do some credit questions and best answer yes. And we'll be rolling that out next.

We have pretty exciting. Hey stay tuned in if you know anybody that needs credit repair you need yourself or your referral partner and you like to be able to give that away to somebody. Hey stay tuned. We're going to be a questionnaire that you can answer the most accurate the fastest answer is going to be the winner.

So all right. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for your time. We appreciate that. Hope you got a little bit more out of it. And we'll see you in a couple of weeks.

free credit repair consultation

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