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Customer Testimonials

Hear from our very own clients below as they testify to the effects of Attorney Based Credit Repair from Credit Law Center

Lashaunda's Client Testimonial

My husband and I went together to get a vehicle for him in February and my score had jumped so much that the interest rate dropped 10 percent from what I originally had on my vehicle! Since then, my credit score has jumped 100 over points!

Larisha's Client Testimony

I wasn't sure what to expect. I just need to get my life back! I'm trying to move past a bad relationship that I was in, and I can't get anything with poor credit. I had been doing a lot of research and looking at reviews of companies and seeing the results they were getting from the customers using them. Then this one popped up, and I saw a lot of great reviews about it! I still felt like I was stuck in the dark, but then I had talked to Britney. Britney just said, "Cara will sit down with you, explain what you need to do, and will make sure that you get all of your you questions answered." Then even after my first round, I was like, "Oh my God, I can't believe it." You know, it worked and the same in the second round! I mean, my goal was to buy a house in two years. I mean, I could probably go sooner than that, but my goal is two years, That way I know I'm where I want to be.

Jordan's Client Testimony

I was asked to come in today and give a referral for Credit Law Center and explain how they were able to help me. First off, the initial interaction with the team here was professional. It started with a few e-mails, a phone call, and the reviewing contracts before they got started. I was put in an ominous position due to a divorce, and I was looking for some solutions to help me get my credit re-established. Once the divorce was final, and all the bills were sorted out, I knew that I could make progress and move forward! Initial contact, as I said, was comfortable, and the process began. It was pretty much hands-off for me at that point. I had discovered that my credit score had dropped quite a bit, and I was concerned.

I knew that I would be needed to get back to a higher credit score after I was told that I needed to have a 10 percent interest rate on a car that I was trying to purchase. As I said, it was easy, hands-off, and they do all the work for you. Constant updates, along with a credit monitoring tool, was put in place so that you can track your progress monthly. Any questions that I had were answered either through e-mail or over the phone if an issue came up. I was able to go from a mid- 600 credit score to one of my credit bureaus, reporting over 800! 801 I believe to be exact, and the others were not far behind in the upper 700s.

I couldn't be more pleased! If you have any concerns about contacting or working with Credit Law Center, I say just talk to them on the phone. Learn about their process, and they'll be more than happy to help you out as they did me.

Clayton's Customer Testimonial

My name is Clayton Owlan, and I bumped into Mark at a business networking meeting. He was explaining to me what he does for work and how he helps establish Business Credit. I was like, "What in the world is Business Credit, I don't need that." Come to find out I actually did need that business credit, and it helped me to get my business appropriately established. It made me have a legitimate look at business instead of just hustling and bustling. I'm a business owner, a property management owner and operator, and I do maintenance. Business Credit was priceless for me! Mark, from start to finish, was 100 percent a teacher, a guide, and just an amazing dude! You got to talk to them!

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