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Welcome back to this is going to be dear you'll see episode number five we're in red tie today matches going to match my face here in a second because today's dear CLC is a little angering to me and we're going to find out what dear CLC I recently became a parent. Graduations I've decided to call my child y API your personal information and this new position I want all the benefits of being a parent. But I don't want to actually have to feed this thing care for it or protect it in any way. Fact I want to make money off of it and give it out to anyone that'll pay for it. But I really don't want to have to protect it or deal with any of the responsibilities that come with this position.

Equifax. There we go. This is timely for dear CLC and glad that we get this letter. What this is talking about obviously is if ever remembers last year about this time there was Equifax breach where Round One hundred and forty three million consumers information was leaked out on to the Internet or to public at large credit card numbers around.

They said that the company admitted that two hundred eight or two hundred ten thousand credit card numbers were leaked out and then personal identifying information important stuff from about one hundred and eighty seven thousand two hundred eighty three thousand people was was breached or leaked. Hackers guile things such as name Social Security numbers addresses data births credit card numbers even some driver's licenses. So stuff pretty big. Pretty important stuff right. All that's vital information that we're just.

Throwing out there in the public.

The difference I think in this breach versus remembers the target breach even a target you knew going in hey I shopped at Target today maybe a better check with Equifax. You probably have no idea whether you are a member of this or whether Equifax what information they have about you. And so you wouldn't know. But anyways as you can imagine the result of this giant breach was several class action lawsuits against Equifax. Makes sense right. Well Equifax is as recently moved to dismiss those lawsuits stating that no one was actually injured. You know hey they. The information may be out there but you can't really prove anybody's taking your your stuff and do anything with it yet your information and therefore these claims shouldn't go forward there. That is what's called lack of standing saying that nothing's really happened to you. You're not injured. So get away. That's bad. But the real kicker the one that pisses me off personally is this next one Equifax has argued it owes no duty of care to safeguard the personal information of its customers but yeah that's right. They're saying Equifax everybody's are saying hey we collect all this stuff all your vital information date of birth social maybe your driver's license number and we get paid to give that to people but we don't actually have to protect it at all. We're not going to be responsible if it falls in wrong hands. That's a lot.

And we can't really handle that. What.

This I think is an exceptionally extraordinary position for them to take being that basically they're telling Americans a vague middle finger that we don't really care what makes it even better back. I found the press release from October 3rd of 2017 when Richard Smith Equifax is former that former CEO said quote We had Equifax clearly understood that the collection of American Consumer Information and Data carries with it enormous responsibility to protect that data.

We did not live up to that responsibility that's heart warming isn't it.

Well really if you believe it then how can you file something in the federal courts a year later saying Eh yeah we really don't actually owe anybody responsibility to make sure that that is that is protected.

Once again they collect it they sell it and they're saying they don't have any any obligation to keep it private.

Point being the whole point with this dear CLC with the kid and the baby and all that is I don't agree with that.

And you need to make sure that you understand where you're dealing with Equifax Experian changing any of these credit reporting bureaus or debt collectors. They are not your friends. They're not here to help you. They're keeping score. They are literally keeping score and you need to be to need to be aware and have people on your side. We've got eighty four people as of today's date in July. Here credit loss center a team of attorneys paralegals we go after this. This is what we do day in and day out call us even if you don't use us for this type of thing. Go pull your credit report at least get see what's on there make sure you got to know folks you don't you just set yourself up for failure.

All right you know the whole point of this whole thing that I just saw this today and I was furious. So check your card report if you need help cause a credit loss center. We're happy to do so. Thanks.

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