With the election over there should be no more political post, but we wanted to sneak this in! Will credit repair ever be “Great Again”? Credit Law Center is improving the credit repair process every day. Stop paying monthly fees to credit repair companies that only dispute items and drag out the repair process in order to just take your money. Believe me it’s a total waste of time, with little results that you could have done on your own for free. If you want to see fast results, then I recommend you go with a credit repair company that only charges you if items are removed. Because then the consumer is in control and that credit repair company is working quickly, to get you results or they don’t make any money.

There is more to repairing credit than just doing an online dispute to either Transunion, Equifax, or Experian. Credit Law Center has attorneys on staff that that looks for inaccuracies in your credit and fights for consumers rights on a daily basis. Credit Law Center uses the legal process and all consumers’ laws as leverage to improve and speed up the credit repair process. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to do attorney based credit repair like one might think either. So when Credit Law Center finds mistakes by creditors or debt collectors, they use them to negotiate a deletion of the derogatory account. Credit Law Center can also stop unwanted phone calls from debt collectors and may possibly be able to have that collector write you a check for bothering you.

We find that the mistake are common amongst reports. Meaning- if a company misreports information or cannot verify an account, it is most likely there business model. So we have found that different tactics work on certain debt collectors or creditors. This in return makes the process very fast and efficient for our clients.

So making credit repair great again, is possible and just a part of the day to day at Credit Law Center. If your credit score or credit report is not where you would like it to be, contact us today for a free review. Remember that you should never pay any upfront fees and should never have to pay for credit repair, if it is unsuccessful. If you contact us or fill out the form below, you will never have to pay upfront fees and will only pay if the item is corrected or removed. Our company moto is “You don’t pay, until it goes away” and our mission is to improve our clients buying power.

It doesn’t matter which presidential candidate won this years election, because neither of them are going to get you back on track immediately and get you the house, automobile or credit you deserve. Take back you credit and let Credit Law Center help you with making your credit “GREAT AGAIN!”

Credit Law Center serves clients nationwide and is located in Kansas City Missouri.

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