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Real or Fake? Credit Repair Companies that Over Promise and Under Deliver

As an every day consumer, it is normal to look for “best in the business” for whatever your needs are. Your dog needs a vet? You Google “best vet in said location.” You need a daycare for your kid, you ask other parents around what they recommend. We all want best of the best and our credit is no different! When searching for a company that can go into a credit report and legally remove items, you will certainly need a lawyer or the best in the biz. So, Let’s talk about credit repair programs that are currently all over the TV and internet with catchy ads. Here is how you can discern between what is out there that is real so you don’t end up wasting your time and more importantly, your money.

What they may over promise:

Credit repair essentially is a company that goes in and helps you remove the negative items from your credit report. Seems legitimate so far. The problem though is many companies falsely advertise and give false hope to the client on what they can achieve with the credit repair. No one can ever remove accurate and complete information from a report. What can be done is the removal of inaccurate or unverifiable information. If you have a late payment and there is no evidence that a payment was made on time, there is no way to get that item removed. If a company is over promising on items such as this, know that they are not telling you the truth. The late may fall off on its over time. Do not let credit repair companies mislead you in their advertising. This is why it is important to do your research with these companies at the very beginning. They over promise certain results and encourage you to believe that they are working diligently on your file, when in reality they are racking up monthly fees, while putting time on the clock for those items. And why would they work fast for you? You have already paid them to begin with. Time on the clock is more money in their pocket.

How they under deliver:

Serious matters such as credit plays a major role in everyone’s life. There are some companies that may even hide behind the title of a name, or claim they work as a law firm however, cannot work as a legitimate law firm. Again, be weary of what you are enrolling in. Many of these companies will mislead you with their fine print where it will actually tell you they cannot remove those items. We have seen a few companies that advertise that they have removed thousands of items from reports but those items were already about to fall off with time. Or, they claim to be a law firm but legally cannot take any action on behalf of the consumer. They are looking for items that will fall off soon and enroll you, drag the process out with a monthly fee and then surprise, the items are gone. These companies are under delivering by convincing you it was what work they did. Really, the item would have fallen off but you paid money so of course you expect it was something related to the company you hired.

What a real law firm does:

At Credit Law Center you sign a Power of Attorney form, meaning you are now represented by an actual firm. We do not charge monthly fees that go on with no results. Our clients are only charged for the successfully removal of an item. We send debt demands out on legal letterhead and demand those agencies remove items from the report. By law credit reports have to be timely, accurate and verifiable. When they are not, we use the law as leverage to have those accounts removed for our consumers. We work quickly for our clients because we are performance based. And shouldn’t that be the model? You don’t pay the technician to try to patch your tire, you pay him when he does it! We have sued all three agencies (Transunion, Experian, and Equifax) and make money for those consumers. Our attorneys know the law and know how to protect consumers whether companies have violated the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) or the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

It is not uncommon for new clients we have to inform us they have worked with other dishonest credit repair companies where they have spent thousands with no progress. We don’t promise removal of items but we do promise you will only pay for results.

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