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Credit Score Apps

What Credit Score app should you use to monitor my credit score and credit report?  Credit score apps are everywhere and each credit score app provides a little different content or information.   Not only is the content different from one credit score app to another but so are the prices.  The prices of credit score apps while most of the apps are free to download, some are only usable with a monthly membership to the site attached to the credit score app.  There are a few truly free services, Credit Karma is one of the most popular of the free sites.  The thing to keep in mind when utilizing a credit score app is that these are not true FICO scores as you would think.  The scores are actually calculated by the credit bureaus and they are referred to as Vantage scores.  The scores will be different from the scores that a bank or mortgage company will obtain if they pull your credit report.

It is said that 79% of all credit reports contain errors, so monitoring your credit score and report are not only a good idea but really a necessity in maintaining your financial health.  Your focus should be on the contend within the report and verifying that all the accounts and information on your report are accounts that you are familiar with.  If you get to your report and feel a little overwhelmed you are not alone.  The information can be confusing and you may not be familiar with all of the codes and abbreviations.  It is best to reach out to a professional or someone your trust if you find yourself questioning what you are looking at.  The credit professionals at Credit Law Center will provide you a free credit review and consultation to assist you.

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Getting back to the original question, which credit score app should you choose.  If your bank or credit card company provides free access then take advantage of that, these are typically only one credit bureau (Experian, Exquifax, or Transunion), and Credit Karma is only 2 of the credit bureaus.  I suggest being proactive with your credit score and credit report and monitor all three credit bureaus, the credit score monitoring service we recommend is Identity IQ and if you use this link you can obtain a copy of all 3 of your reports for $1.

Regardless of which credit score app you select always remember that something is better then nothing and having something is the right step in the direction of taking control of your credit report, credit score, and financial health.

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