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Is DIY Credit Repair Right For Me?

We live in a world where people have a do it yourself mindset. They are ready to get back on track and they want the DIY way to go about it. Though it isn’t the fastest way to work, we still encourage clients to do what works best for them. At Credit Law Center we have the credit repair process down to a science in how we go about the removal of items from a report. We spend a significant amount of time educating our clients with the tools they need and if they choose not to use us and work on their credit alone, they are free to do so. If you are looking for a quick route to better credit, DIY is not for you!

Our credit advisors at Credit Law Center will not only walk a potential client through a FREE consultation, they also help in providing as much advice to the client as they can to save them the most money while attaining scores they want. Who doesn’t love free advice?

One of the questions clients ask about if they are hoping to wok on their own is  “how to settle an account to be removed from their report.” In the credit repair process, one piece of the puzzle is a pay for deletion. This means settling an account balance that is outstanding. Here is what the consumer needs to do to have the item removed the correct way with the DIY route on pay for deletion.

You’ll need to say:
“If I pay (cost of item) this item needs to be removed from the credit report. I need this documentation in writing either by mail or e-mail.” Once the documentation is received, then you may proceed with paying said item.

Next Step:
If you wish to take this task on, on your own make sure you put in writing as well for the creditor or collector and mail it certified to ensure you can track the process. As a client we do this for you, but again some folks wish to try on their own first.

The most important word in this process is the word “removed.” If it is not stated in the documentation they may not remove it when it is paid. Many consumers make the mistake of taking the creditor’s word via phone. Almost 100% of the time they will collect the money, hang up the phone and forget all about the consumer leaving them with lower scores and a paid collection. To read more about how a paid collection negatively impacts a score, visit this blog.

Cost and speed are what sets us apart. DIY will take time and work the consumers end of this. If you want to speed the process up and work with a credit repair company please give us a call, we would be happy to assist you!

A Note From The Author:The opinions you read here come from our editorial team. Our content is accurate to the best of our knowledge when we initially post it.

Article by Breana Washington

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