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Struggling to Get a Mortgage or an Auto Loan?

In some of our previous post, you have heard about what Credit Law Center does for our clients. Such as not only credit repair, but also attorneys fighting for your consumer rights and why paying credit repairs companies a monthly fee is a terrible idea, when you can pay only if it goes away.

Credit Law Center fixed my credit score Start fixing yours

Today we discuss how to establish credit, when you don’t have any credit at all. Some automotive and mortgage companies use the term “you are a ghost”. Keep in mind different credit bureaus report differently, so this technique doesn’t apply to all bureaus.

One way to establish credit is to sign up for a credit card. There are a few credit cards that we suggest in order to get you headed in the right direction with no previous credit history One is Down 2 Shop: This card allows you to shop for electronics, tools, health and beauty, jewelry, and toys and games.

The last way to do so, is if you’re renting a house, apartment, room, or trailer; then you can actually get your rent reported to your credit. You can literally sign up at Rental Kharma and have your rent reported.

Example: Rental Karma will put the open date as whenever you moved in but they will only go back two years in pay history Then guess what? You have an open credit line, that has potential in getting you approved for a form of additional credit.

Many pay per month credit repair companies don’t share this information, because it doesn’t make them any money. At Credit Law Center, we want to help our customers in any way we can, as well as our partnered dealerships and mortgage officers.

For more information visit Credit Law Center or call 1-800-994-3070.


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